If you are interested in participating in any of the UMBC Ministry, please fill out form below and someone will follow up with you.

Christian Education Ministry

Children’s Church
(3-12 years of age)

Deaconess Beverly Fallen &
Sis. Diana Stroud

Our UMBC Children’s Church is designed to provide biblical education for children ages 3-12. Our teachers provide a safe and welcoming environment where children are taught about Christ and his Word. This is done in a way that is relevant based upon their age and comprehension.

FuZion Kingdom
(13 – 19 years of age)


The Mission of FuZion Kingdom is cultivating and developing teen relationships with the Father. In a world that glorifies everything but what is good, honest, and pure, it is imperative to create experiences where today’s teen can encounter the true and living God. FuZion is a worship experience that tackles issues that affect today’s teens and answers the question, “Where is God in all of this?” Breaking traditionalism, legalism and performance church is a major focus of the FuZion team. FuZion meets every 2nd Sunday at 10:45 a.m. in the fellowship hall.

Scholarship Ministry

Deaconess Beverly Fallen & Deacon Don Anderson

This ministry provides encouragement and rewards to our students. They also provide financial assistance to qualified college and vocational students.

Sunday School

Deacon Morris Threadcraft & Deacon Robert Phillips

This ministry provides a learning environment where one can obtain a better knowledge of God, experience His love and develop a lifelong relationship with Him. We have Sunday School for all adult ages, including teens. Classes are held in the fellowship hall each Sunday at 9:15 a.m.

Youth Council Ministry


This ministry focuses on the young people of UMBC and our local community. We attempt to develop God fearing, bible believing youth that know their purpose in life and help them to develop and use their gifts and talents to bring glory to God. This ministry is designed to use a creative, relevant approach to focus on three different age groups.


Athletic Ministry

Deacon Don Anderson, Director

UMBC Sports exists to help people find and follow Jesus through the mission of field sports. Our goal is to love and serve kids, families and the entire community.

Brotherhood Ministry

Minister Jimmy Smith

This ministry provides fellowship, training and development of Christian men. Its’ aim is to focus on men’s growth and awareness in four (4) specific areas: spiritual growth, social awareness, health education and genuine fellowship (members and non-members).

Mother Board Ministry

Mother Annie Woodall

The Mothers of the Mother’s Board are respected older women who help support and nurture younger women in the church.  Members of the Mothers Board are appointed by the Pastor.

Singles Ministry


This ministry provides a time of fellowship for singles while teaching the Godly lifestyle of single persons.

Sisterhood Ministry

Sis. Vinita Grogan

This ministry provides fellowship, training and development of Christian women. It also focuses on concerns and issues that are particular and specific to women (members and non-members).

Hospitality Ministry

Building Maintenance Team Ministry

Deacon Reginald Veasley

This ministry is important because it ensures the safety and comfort of anyone who is worshiping in our building.

Greeters Ministry

Deaconess Lisa Phillips

Show the Love of God and be the first face our visitors see by joining our Hospitality Ministry.

Health Ministry

Dr. Katerina Williams

This is a ministry designed to promote both spiritual, physical and dietary wellness. The mission is to bring educational awareness to our church family and community concerning medical health issues, eating habits, and lifestyle changes to keep us healthy.

Kitchen Ministry

Sis. Julia Dobbs

The Kitchen / Culinary Ministry supports the local church events by providing, preparing and serving nutritious meals or refreshments while promoting a warm environment of hospitality and fellowship.

Nurse Ministry


The Nurses’ Ministry is on duty each Sunday to provide first-aid to anyone who becomes ill during church services and serve those who are in need of care because of illness of the mind and/or body.

Parking Lot Ministry


This ministry welcomes all guests that enter the church. In addition to greeting people, volunteers answer questions and help guests find their way around the campus.

Transportation Ministry


This ministry provides a means of transportation for all who are in need and desire to come to worship at UMBC or a UMBC event.  Our volunteers are eager to help by providing a safe and convenient way for seniors, youth, and anyone interested in attending various church services and functions.

Usher’s Ministry

Deacon Robert Phillips

This group of dedicated men, women, youth and children who serve during worship services, special ministry programs and events. This ministry is critical to the success of each worship experience in our fellowship. The ministry maintains an orderly service, greeting, seating and helping members and visitors with a smile.

Life Stages

Living Room Ministry

Sis. Patrice Hayes

This ministry is to connect with those between the ages of 20-29, to build and motivate each other through God’s will.

Coffee Talk Ministry
(30 – 39 years of age)

Sis. Sade Shumake
This ministry is to connect with those between the ages of 30-39, to build and motivate each other through God’s will.

UMBC Golden Treasures Ministry
(70+ years of age)


This is a ministry for our seasoned saints. This ministry regularly fellowships and serves the community.

Mass Communication Ministry

Audio, Media Imaging, and Social Media

This ministry is to initiate activities that will enhance the overall church-wide and community communications initiative through: design, development and delivery of creative media solutions that support the Pastor’s mission of the church events, conferences and services. This ministry is set to initiate and implement methods that will be beneficial in increasing church attendance, membership and reaching the saved and unsaved through the “Word of God.”

Audio Ministry
Bro. Carlos Scott

Media Imaging Ministry
Deacon Don Anderson

Social Media Ministry


Bereavement Ministry

Deaconess Mary Halback

The Bereavement Ministry serves individuals and families who have recently experienced the passing of a loved one. The members of the ministry are dedicated to give comfort and support to the grieving families of the UMBC community.

Church Without Walls Ministry

Sis. Dinieka Greer

Our Evangelism Ministry is designed to share the gospel of Jesus Christ beyond the walls of our church. This ministry uses a visible and loving approach to share Christ with our neighbors and local community.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Throne Room
Rev. Showell, Rev. Summerville and Minister Woodall

Our Intercessory Prayer Ministry is the heartbeat in the life of our church. The members are in constant and fervent prayer for the needs of our church, community, and all other areas of prayer request. Please use the link below to submit your prayer request and our Throne Room Ministry Team will pray for or with you.

Prayer Request


Mission Ministry

Sis. Adrienne Randolph

The purpose of The Mission is twofold:

First, reaching inward, nurturing our membership through mission study, education, fellowship, and prayer. Second, reaching outward through personal witnessing, evangelizing, helping the needy and less fortunate, and seeking justice and liberty for all in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Social Justice Ministry


The Social Justice Ministry will address local, state, national, and global injustices in a systematic way.

UMBC Food Pantry Ministry

Deaconess Angel Veasley

The food pantry provides food assistance for neighbors experiencing a crisis or unexpected difficult time.

Pastoral Care

Baptism Ministry

Deaconess Vickie McCoy

Baptism is an outward expression of an inward conviction. It expresses to the world that you have given your life to Christ and have been born again.
Our baptism is held on the first Sunday of each month. Please call our church office at (770) 482-7088 or click the link below for further information. Our church office will have someone from the ministry to contact you for further instructions.

Baptismal Form

Deacon Ministry

Deacon Donald Anderson

This ministry of men assembled to work as a team in partnership with the pastor to serve the church body and attend to both, the spiritual and business matters of UMBC in accordance with the will of God.

Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Vicki McCoy
This ministry of women assembled to serve the body of Christ and assist the Deacons Ministry when and where needed.

Jr. Deacon Ministry

Rev. Edward L. Randolph Jr., Pastor

This ministry is an extension of the Deacon Ministry on building young men of UMBC. They function together to work as a team in partnership with the Deacons and Pastor to serve the church body and teaching of the spiritual matters of UMBC in accordance to the will of God.

Marriage Matters Couples Ministry

Pastor and First Lady Randolph Jr.

The Married and Engaged Couples Ministry is a ministry that provides Christian fellowship, workshops and retreats with the goal of strengthening relationship. We use this ministry as an opportunity to be an example for others to share in God’s glory, whether times are joyful or challenging. We work together to support the Pastor’s vision and goals for each ministry of the church.

New Member Ministry

Sis. Delmeta Lester and

One of the best ways to learn more about UMBC is by participating in our New Member Classes. New Members classes walk you through all the in’s and outs of UMBC. You learn what we believe as a church, what we do as a church and how to get involved.

New Members Class Time
9:00 a.m. ~ 10:00 a.m. Every Sunday

If you would like to sign up for the New Members Orientation class, Please call the church office at (770) 482-7088.

New Member Form

Pastor’s Aide Ministry

Sis. Rosetta Shumake

A major duty of the pastor’s aide ministry is to pray for the needs of the pastor and his family. The ministry provides the support needed to the pastor and his family, whether it is in the form of prayer, encouragement through words, or other actions that show their love and gratitude to the pastoral family.

Praise and Worship

UMBC Dance Ministry

This worship and arts ministry provides an avenue for UMBC Women and Teens to express their love for and worship to God through Praise Dance. There are two groups consisting of:

Woman of Worth (W.O.W.)
Dance Ministry
Sis. Diane Richardson

Designed as a praise and worship ministry geared toward our adult and senior women at UMBC.

UMBC Youth Praise Dancers
Sis. Maya Smith

A praise and liturgical women’s dance ministry for our youth, teen and young adults. The primary function of this ministry is to worship God through expressive praise and worship dance.

Music Ministry

Mike McLymore Jr., Director

The members of these ministries play a vital role in collectively lifting their voices in praise. During the worship experience they usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit and set the atmosphere for true praise and worship. They use their gifts in song to help prepare our hearts and minds to receive the preached Word by the man of God. These choirs consist of:

Male Chorus

Minister Jimmy Smith, President
Men who love God and use their gift in praise and worship.

The Ensemble

Sis. Vickie Turner, President
The Ensemble is known for their musical selection of modern gospel music. This group of vocalists are considered “the future of UMBC sound”.

UMBC Mass Choir

Sis. Vickie Turner, President
A combination of men and women dedicated to collectively lifting their voices in praise to God.

Youth Choir Ministry

Sis. Vickie Turner, President
A ministry of young people who express their love for God in song.

Opportunities To Serve

Union Missionary Baptist Church is committed to Worship, the Word and Witnessing. We are seeking individuals to help us fulfill our mission and advance the Kingdom of God.

It is our preference to empower active members of UMBC.


Our goal? Every member in a ministry – every ministry on a mission.


Social Media Ministry
Nurse Ministry
Singles Ministry

If you are interested in participating in any of the UMBC Ministry, please fill out form below and someone will follow up with you.